Beta Omicron

Bobcat Order


Beta Omicron Bobcats is a mentoring program, created by the Knights, that follows the bobcat trinity principles. Chi Gamma Kappa Social Service Fraternity, mentors young men in high school on a path that leads to a college education an a bright future. Our plan is to teach them the purpose and importance of developing self-esteem, character, life and leadership skills. As knights for change, our goal is to provide an safe haven that drives each young man to see impossibilities as new possibilities in their lives. We look forward to providing an opportunity to teach respect, responsibility, and unity to be the foundation for brotherhood and a better way of life for these young men.

Mission: To provide a purpose driven life to young men in need through SPIRITUAL development, SOCIAL interaction, SERVICE.

Bobcat Trinity Principles: Spirituality, Social Skills & Service

Colors: Pure White and Princely Purple

Roaming to limitless possibilities..... B.O.B.C.A.T.S. Aims:

•To mentor, motivate, and, inspire

•To put focus on the importance of education

•To plant seeds of high self-esteem

•To serve others in their time of need.


Potential Beta Omicron Bobcats must:

** Be in high school student

** Have a 3.0 G.P.A. or higher

** Actively participate in an extracurricular activity or club in or outside of school

** Obtain parent/guardian permission

** Provide a letter of intent

** Provide (2) letter of recommendation from a teacher, religious leader, community leader or member of Chi Gamma Kappa Social Service Fraternity

Bobcats Botillion:

Chi Gamma Kappa Social Service Fraternity welcomes your interest in becoming a Bobcat Gentlemen (Grades 11– 12) or Bobcat Apprentice (Grades 9– 10). A Bobcat Botillion has served as a cultural, social, and academic event for young men in our local high schools all over the state of Georgia. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for each and every young man invited on the journey. Participants complete community service projects, attend cultural events, social activities and workshops which focus on academic enrichment, career planning, etiquette and personal development.