Gamma Pi Chi

Social  Service Sorority


 Our Gorgeous Gems

One woman had a dream to create a sisterly bond like none other who would serve their community faithfully all over the state of Georgia. She believed her dream could become a reality through endless work and dedication.This exceptional young lady, K. Brown within the "Heart of Georgia", brought into fruition on October 22, 2016, Gamma Pi Chi Social Service Sorority. Our pioneering peach, had a commitment to offer an alternative to the standard sorority and Greek life for women of all ages with the help of dedicated charter members, K. Cooper and L. Walker. This truly innovative visionary became the Alpha Line known as the Tenacious Trendsetter.

The founder challenged the norm and established a true sisterhood that promoted of self discovery, activism, community service and individuality. Her vision was to produce well rounded women who serve as leaders, evoking prosperity among its membership. They would dedicate their time to charitable endeavors & volunteerism in the community. This sisterhood plans to embrace and enhance lives within their community while actively demonstrating sisterhood harmoniously. Gamma Pi Chi Social Sorority was created with all of these things in mind. As our sisterhood is blossoming, women will be empowered personally, professionally, socially, and spiritually.

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