His- Story

A Vision of Knighthood........

In 2016 on the sixteen of July, one woman had a dream to create a sisterly bond like none other who would serve their community faithfully. A vision from the mind of Malika K. Brown, a unique sisterhood came to creation on October  22, 2016 known as Gamma Pi Chi Social Service Sorority. While out promoting, a need was seen for a brotherhood with similar initiatives. With the assistance of a trusted male counterpart, D. Hammond, who became know as The Prodigal Knight. Also know as Sir ProphACEcy, the founding line of the Knights, known as A Knight Personified.They began working hard during the month of December to produce a constitutionally bound fraternity. As of January 22, 2017, Chi Gamma Kappa was launched into fruition .

The founding brother along with charter member, T. Lawrence, set out to challenge most norms of fraternities to established a true brotherhood. T. Lawrence known as Sir In2uition of the charter line, Knight Vision. Together they set out to promote self awareness, social justice, service, unity,leadership and support. Therefore, Chi Gamma Kappa was created with a dedication to unifying men through the distinction of knighthood. Our plan is not to morph our members into someone different , create  outrageous egos, or live up to any "Frat" stereotypes but to create true knights. Knights who through brotherly guidance become better men  through knowledge, experience, and social conciseness & responsibility. Our fraternity offers a lifetime of achievements and cherished memories to all that complete this journey. We seek to positively impact the lives of our members through creating supportive bonds among men, providing strategies for social change, cultivating personal and professional development. Our members will be committed to a vision of implementing programs that empower not only themselves, but the community as a whole. As our brotherhood expands, the men will be empowered personally, professionally, socially, and mentally.

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