Chi Gamma Kappa

 Origin Cave

Chi Alpha Creation:

Chi Alpha began as the Atlanta Metro Cave Colony, which was founded on June 22, 2017 in Decatur, Ga. This first colony cave was founded by our visionary brother, T. Lawrence, Sir In2uition. He came together with the Founder Poised N Peach to create this truly innovative vision for our brotherhood. Our frat became the chartering line of our organization, known as Knight Vision.He will facilitate a harmonious brotherhood that would allow men of various backgrounds an opportunity to connect and form solid bonds of unity by way of our elite knighthood.

Georgia embrace the Kingdom of the Knights....

The Order of Chi Alpha

Lord Knight: T. Lawrence

Chi Alpha's Philanthropy:

Decatur Cooperative Ministry- A faith-based nonprofit organization supported by over 35 congregations from 14 denominations. Their mission is to help families facing homelessness settle into safe, stable homes and build healthy lives filled with peace, hope and opportunity. They offer comprehensive services helping families prevent, endure, and overcome homelessness. All programs work in conjunction with schools,educational systems, government agencies, businesses, civic groups, and community groups to be successful.